1. Restoring the world <b>one relationship<br />at a time</b>

    Restoring the world one relationship
    at a time

    Restoring the world one relationship
    at a time

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Why do Christians talk about “hope” at Advent and Christmastime? It’s because 2,000 years ago, a real event with real people took place, one that was seen, observed and experienced by many, celebrated and remembered by many more for Centuries to follow. The first Christmas had substance! That night, hope was born.

We have hope because we ground ourselves in the reality of that substance, this real person: Jesus. Hope can be known. Come and receive real hope this Christmas.

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Hope for the Fearful

Bob Bouwer. December 10, 2017

Joseph was a good man. He chose to divorce Mary quietly because she was pregnant. The angel says do not be afraid to take Mary. Joseph was engaged, but his fiancee is pregnant---fear of the future, fear of failure, fear what others will say or think. Fear can be paralyzing.

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Each of our lives is an unfolding story that connects to God's story. Whenever we tell our stories, we show others who God is, how He loves and connects with us in a very personal way, for His Glory. In the stories featured, you will meet real people, in real relationships, living real life. We hope that they will impact your relationship with God and others, and inspire you to be a story-teller of God's transformation too.

November 21, 2017

Sam DePasquele Testimony

After putting God on the back burner, Sam acts on the nudging of the Lord that leads him to a life of greater purpose, community and serving.