1. Restoring the world <b>one relationship<br />at a time</b>

    Restoring the world one relationship
    at a time

    Restoring the world one relationship
    at a time

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At The Table

At the table, life happens. It’s a place where both body and soul are fed and filled, restored and refreshed. At the table, we remember days gone by, live the here and now, and dream of what is yet to come. At the table, truth is served, grace is extended, community is cultivated and reconciliation is found. At the table, there is always a seat for one more. Find your place with us this summer, At The Table.

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At the Sustaining Table

Bob Bouwer. August 19, 2018

What happens at the table matters. Our responses to God’s provision are the overflow of what is stirring within us. Do we come to the table hungry & grateful for Him or do we belly-up to his graciousness in an entitled and complacent manner?

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Each of our lives is an unfolding story that connects to God's story. Whenever we tell our stories, we show others who God is, how He loves and connects with us in a very personal way, for His Glory. In the stories featured, you will meet real people, in real relationships, living real life. We hope that they will impact your relationship with God and others, and inspire you to be a story-teller of God's transformation too.

March 22, 2018

Yvonne White