Faith Church is a Bible-believing, outreach-oriented, community of believers committed to changing the world one relationship at a time. From vibrant and heartfelt worship and solid biblical teaching to thriving ministries and varied outreach opportunities, we are an active and dynamic community providing families and individuals with diverse ways to connect in community and impact their world.

Founded in 1963 in South Holland, Illinois, Faith’s mission to build relationships inside and outside of the church resulted in a steady growth which, in 2002, precipitated a move to a larger building and campus in Dyer, Indiana.  Since the move, we have continued to expand our vision and reach by embracing a “one church, many campuses” philosophy. We have grown to include six different sites—five in Indiana and one in Illinois.

Our approach to ministry is consistent across all six of our campuses. Whichever one you attend, you can expect the same warm and welcoming environment, inspiring worship, and compelling and relevant teaching—all born from a desire for each and every person to be transformed through a deepening of his or her relationship with God.

With our rich history, strong faith traditions, solid biblical foundation, and commitment to community, Faith Church is a great place to be inspired, get connected, and grow in your relationship with God. As part of the Reformed Church in America, Faith has its roots in the Reformed tradition and believes scripture to be the inspired word of God and the final and ultimate authority for faith in practice. We believe that styles, preferences, and cultural inclinations are constantly shifting but that the Word of God remains the same forever.

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Faith Church is a part of the Reformed Church in America and is affiliated with Global Leadership Network and New Thing Network

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