MIssion & Vision

Our mission is to reach out to those who feel disconnected from God and/or the Christian community.
We want to embrace everyone, providing you with a warm and welcoming environment where you can be inspired by heartfelt worship and biblical teaching, and where you can be connected with a community of believers who will help you grow in your faith and relationship with God.

Our vision is to see a world transformed by and through the love of God.
We want to be a church body that is actively engaged in restoring and transforming the world around us - one relationship at a time. We want to strive daily to have an impact in the lives of those around us. Our desire is for every person to be reconciled with the God who loves and created them. As each person experiences his or her own transformation, the world will move closer to becoming what God originally intended it to be.

Our Strategic Plan for 2020-22 | The 1:1 Initiative: restoring the region one relationship at a time.
In Mark 5, one sees a man, out of whom Jesus had cast demons, have a major impact on the region known as the Decapolis. This man wanted to follow Jesus into other places, but Jesus told him to stay in Decapolis and proclaim how much Jesus had done for him - and the region was changed. We sense God saying to Faith Church, “This is our Decapolis. This is where you are called to make a Kingdom impact!” Like the man in the story, many of us think that being on mission calls us to travel to faraway places. But Jesus says, “No! I need you to go to your family, friends and in the region to bring the Gospel of Jesus in word and deed!”

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