Access Worship

What Is Access?

Access is a 50 minute worship service tailored to the diverse learning, communication, and physical needs of people of all abilities and ages. We realize that many church worship gatherings can be unintentionally exclusive for people who primarily learn auditorially or who are 'able-bodied.' At Access, we not only want to make sure that the message of Jesus is communicated in a clear and engaging way, but that every Access attendee can fully participate in every element of the service. Here are a few things you'll find when you gather with us:

  • Simple & repetitive call-and-response readings 
  • Streamers, shakers, movements, and other tools to engage in worship through song (in addition to singing)
  • Practical teachings on "worship habits" with practice & application
  • Community prayer time, which allows for anyone in the gathering to share a request or praise
  • A 10-15 minute sermon with rich theology, but also engagement & application points for everyone
  • Weekly continuity of elements, like the offertory song (sung each week) or the 'sending-song' to promote familiarity and engagement
  • Leadership roles in the service facilitated by people of various ages and abilities
  • A "sensory table," where items like noise-reducing headphones, fidget cubes, stress balls, and other items can be utilized during the service

Who Is Access?

You! The purpose of tailoring this service to connect with all ability levels is not to make it exclusive, but inclusive. Every age, race, culture, ability-level, socioeconomic-status, and language is welcome!

Where Is Access?

Faith Church - Highland Campus
8910 Grace Street
Highland, IN 46322

When Is Access?

Every Sunday Evening at 5:00 pm

May 27, 2018

Questions / Comments / Concerns?

Shoot us an email at
OR call the Faith Church - Highland Office: 219.838.6231

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