Infant/Child Baptism

Baptism is a visual sign and a seal of God’s promise with us, to strengthen our faith and increase our joy.

There are two prerequisites for the baptism of an infant or child at Faith Church. First, one of the parents must be a member of Faith, and second, attendance at a Baptism Class is required.

Faith Church holds Baptism Class several times throughout the year for parents who desire to have their infant/child baptized.  This class is a way for you to understand baptism and for us to partner with you in the journey of pointing your child to Jesus.

Use the campus link below to register for the next baptism class or to have your child(ren) baptized.

Beecher Cedar Lake Dyer  Highland Munster

Profession of Faith/Baptism

When an individual makes Profession of Faith at the Membership classes and has never been baptized, they will receive adult baptism when they join. It is not necessary for them to attend the baptism class.

Baptism Dates 2021
March 13/14
May 22/23
August 28/29
November 20/21

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