Global Leadership Summit 2016

“Everyone wins when the leader gets better”

That was the opening line of Bill Hybels, Founder and Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Church, for the 2016 Global Leadership Summit (GLS). And doesn’t that ring true in our lives? When the leaders of our companies, churches, families get better, we all certainly win. There is no downside.

What does “getting better” mean? On August 11 and 12, almost 126,000 people gathered at 514 US sites to try to answer that question. Two full days, 16 speakers, and more than 500 people gathered at Faith Church. In addition to people from Faith, we welcomed area business people, community and civil servants and guests from other churches and ministries.

The teaching faculty came from all walks of life - church, ministry, business, education and philanthropy - and they each brought a different perspective on how we can lead better.

For Pastor Bob Bouwer, there were many takeaways. “Bill Hybels talked about the four lenses of leadership, how we need to intentionally view our ministry from different perspectives. That resonated with me,” says Pastor Bob.

“We were challenged to check our passion. Are we truly working out of our passion or have we fallen into auto-pilot mode? It’s a question we all need to keep asking.”

"Leadership is an area each of us needs to keep investing in,” says Pastor Brett Dood of the Schererville Campus. “If you are following Jesus, He considers you a leader. The Leadership Summit is a unique opportunity. Anyone who longs to lead better can if they are willing to invest in themselves."

Often a favorite Summit speaker, Patrick Lencioni talked about the “complete team player.” He encouraged us to look for the individual who is humble, hungry and “people smart.”

Bestselling author Chris McChesney encouraged us to “limit our goals.” While a fan of big and “wild” goals, he cautioned against having too many goals which can weaken our focus and spread our energies too thin.

“This grabbed me”

“Ministry leader Jossy Chacko said, ‘Heaven doesn’t need our talents or spiritual gifts. They were given to us to use here - not to be buried.’ Pastor de Jesus encouraged us to ‘engage in society or we will drift as a culture.’”

Terry Conley, Cedar Lake Campus
Construction Manager

“A good leader doesn’t run too far ahead without looking back to see if anyone is following. Being totally goal oriented means you will leave some behind.”

Lynne Dalach, Dyer Campus
Retired Teachers’ Aid

“I didn’t know what to expect. I’m already trying to figure out how to incorporate some ideas from the Summit into what I do. I’m thankful to have attended.”

Kevin Margraf, Hammond Campus
Deputy Fire Chief, Hammond, IN

“The Summit impacted me on a deeply personal level. I have renewed my commitment to strengthen my relationship with God and others.”

Don Woo, Dyer Campus

“Jossy Chacko reminded me to keep a God-sized vision, and to become a ‘passionary’ instead of just a ‘visionary.’ He also talked about embracing ‘risk as a friend.’”  

Kurt Koster, Cedar Lake Campus,
Executive Director, Legacy Leadership Forums

“Greatest leadership voices of our day”

Pastor Bob has attended all 22 Summits. “I want to be the best leader I can be, so why wouldn’t I take advantage of a gathering of some of the greatest leadership voices of our day!”

If you attended, Pastor Bob has a recommendation (based on experience), “Work hard to put into practice what you learned as quickly as possible. It will make a difference in your work, your service and your mission.”

A personal note: On Friday morning of the Summit, I learned a dear friend had died the night before. Randy Reese understood leadership and he understood people. His deep commitment to Jesus resulted in the development of VantagePoint3, known around Faith as “The Journey.” As anyone who has worked through The Journey knows, we each have a part to play in God’s magnificent story. I pray experiences like The Leadership Summit are helping you find your role in His great work. Marilyn Miller

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