We Are All Missionaries

I grew up in a church where the word missionary provoked feelings of awe and inspiration. We heard reports from individuals from our church who had left the comforts of home to serve in a jungle village in a part of the world most of us had never heard of before. While we sat on our folding chairs listening to stories from our missionary guests as their slideshows clicked on, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Why would you choose this?” It seemed big, scary, and disconnected from the limited reality of the world I knew at that young age.

But what if being a missionary wasn’t big and scary? What if it was something God calls all of us to?

This fall we have been going ona journey through a 5-week message series that is helping us redefine the term missionary. God has uniquely wired each of us with specific gifts to be used for His kingdom, and He asks us to live missional lives. We will explore ways God calls individuals into foreign missions, and we will meet some folks who are doing just that. We will also learn how individuals are getting creative in their place work, in serving in public offices, and in reaching those from other countries who are right here in our back yard. We look forward to training and equipping all those who call Faith Church home to have gospel conversations with those we interact with each and every day.

We believe God has called us to “restore the world one relationship at a time.” That means we each have a role to play in God’s kingdom story. Are you utilizing the gifts he’s given you for a grander purpose?