We offer a number of different ministries for adults depending on age range and interest, each designed to help get you connected, engaged in God’s mission, and pursuing your faith with passion and joy.

The Men of Faith Ministry is for men over 18 who desire to become strong spiritual leaders, get connected with other followers of Christ, and discover God’s unique plan for their lives.

Faith’s Women’s ministry is all about loving God and living it out:  Go farther, grow deeper, and live more fully the vital, faith-filled life God has planned for you.

Faith’s Marriage ministry is for those who are ready to be married or who want to strengthen their marriage, and help you not just to grow, but to thrive. Just as God has a plan for your life, he has one for your marriage too.

Small Groups
We encourage you to become part of a small group where you can regularly be with people who get you, who understand your challenges and concerns, and who can help you explore your questions and your doubts—people who can share life with you and come alongside you when you need a little help on the way.

Over 400 moms strong, we have different groups designed to meet the diverse needs of moms in our communities.

Special Interest Groups
If you like to connect with others while participating in your favorite hobby, sport, or activity we invite you to consider checking out one of our special interest ministries.