The Journey

“Non-discipleship is the ‘elephant in the church,’” says Dallas Willard.

One of the greatest weaknesses in contemporary Christianity that we believe it is possible for spiritual growth to take place without a format with some serious content, argues Willard.

You’ve probably heard about The Journey, but exactly what is it?

The Journey is a 22-week course, designed to provide a safe place for a group of 7-10 people to slow down and be intentional on focusing on our relationship with Jesus – our personal discipleship.  It provides a place where God can meet us, teach us, shape us, bless us, and help us grow.

The group comes together with the guidance of a trained facilitator, to work through a series of studies and exercises which lead us into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Throughout that time, we learn how God has uniquely created each one of us.

Participants come at these three questions from various directions:

Who is God?

Who am I?

How do I fit into His plan?

If I want to learn a trade, I become an apprentice. Jesus invested in, or “apprenticed” the lives of a dozen disciples and trained them for their journey. How do we expect to become an apprentice of Jesus without specific and intentional effort?

Join the hundreds of people from Faith Church who have come to understand God (and themselves) in a new way through The Journey.

“The first and most important principle in spiritual development is to show up,” says Brennan Manning.

Contact Marilyn Miller to sign up or for more information.

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