Faith Church has a long history of supporting local, regional, and global causes. Our vision is to mobilize people and resources to restore the world.


We partner with like-minded, vibrant, evangelical churches and organizations in targeted communities around the world who pursue gospel-centered, holistic (physical, emotional, spiritual) ministry that equips and develops indigenous leaders to reach their community.

We do this because we value:

  1. Working with indigenous leaders
  2. Raising up Godly short term & long term leaders
  3. Reciprocal Partnership and Communication
  4. Salvation by Christ alone through faith alone
  5. Scripture alone as the authority for faith and practice


  1.  Leadership Development: we desire to train, coach, and empower local, indigenous leaders.
  2.  Community Development: we value equipping the local church to affect change on their own community.
  3.  Unreached People Groups: we seek to establish vibrant, evangelical,  indigenous churches within areas where there is no evangelical presence

Current Impact Areas

  1.  Simbi, Rwanda - World Vision
  2.  Manaus & Amazon region, Brazil - First Presbyterian Church of Manaus
  3.  South Chicago/Northwest Indiana - Varies by campus

In addition to these impact areas, Faith provides support for many individuals and organizations locally, regionally, and globally.

Faith also participates in mission trips locally, nationally and globally. To find more information or to sign up to go on a trip, visit the Trips page.