Go Fish

Oct 07, 2018 | Bob Bouwer


Luke 5:27-32

True fishermen use chum (bits and pieces of fish) to attract other fish. They sacrifice bits for the bigger gain.  Do we sacrifice pieces of ourselves to connect with others, welcoming others in and intentionally loving well?

Series Information

It’s more than sitting on the dock of the bay with rod, reel and your lucky hat. It’s more than an afternoon excursion or guys getaway. Fishing for men & women IS the lifestyle Jesus calls us into! It can be hard and messy. The elements can weather us, the struggle can wilt us and the lack of the quick catch can discourage us. But if we keep at it, if we don’t grow weary, there will be stories of life transformation to tell. This is how we experience the abundant life to the full. Join us for weekend worship as we learn what gear to gather and what ponds to navigate, as we become true, intentional fishermen.

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True fishermen use chum (bits and pieces of fish) to attract other...