The 4G Life

Apr 14, 2019 | Brian Dennert

Go: 4G Life

Acts 8:1-5

There are no exclusions or exceptions; to go is the great equalizer, whether we go locally or globally. We were meant to leverage our God-given influence and giftings right where we are whether it be elementary school, the retirement home or the great journey in-between. Take a look around. Who’s in your space? God has intentionally placed you where you live, work and play to bring true hope to the world and to invite people into this abundant life.

Series Information

Faith Church is committed to gathering, growing, giving and going - the 4Gs. These are Faith’s foundational practices and are the pillars of how we mature in our Christian walk. Following Jesus was never meant to be a static experience; it is a fluid and abundant journey. If we are intentionally taking steps and ownership of our spiritual life, we become all we were intended to be. Faith’s 4Gs provide an inside audit of where we are. They reveal our proximity to Jesus and nudge us back on track if we’re stuck or drifting away. By incorporating the 4Gs into our ordinary days, God can use us in extraordinary ways to accomplish His purpose in our lives, at Faith Church and in the world around us.

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