Oct 14, 2017 | Bob Bouwer

Praise (You’re Awesome)

Psalms 95

Praise is the transcendent worship practice/habit. While the others (confession, lament, illumination, petition) are responses to circumstance, praise is the constant. Why? Because God (His character, His Lordship, and His Salvation) is constant. Praise is the every-moment recognition that no matter who I am, where I am, how I feel, that God is God and He is worthy of adoration. And praise is the one practice/habit of worship that we 100% know is happening in heaven (see Revelation 19) - what a picture of heaven on earth it is when we praise God!

Series Information

What is worship? Is it music? Is it singing? Is it something we are all expected to participate in? Often, we reduce the idea of worship to merely one hour on Sunday, yet God has so much more in store for us.

Worship begins and ends with God, which makes the orientation of our worship vertical. Throughout this series we will learn how God created us to be gripped by His glory and the beauty of Christ. We will journey together through the book of Psalms and follow the practices of David to learn how we can be true worshipers. Get ready to have your eyes opened, your mind renewed, and your heart awakened!

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