The Mystery of Suffering

Nov 04, 2018 | Bob Bouwer

The Impact of Relationship

Job 2:11-13

Although easier to pull away or not get involved, we are called to be in relationship. Relationships have the power to influence how the suffering proceed through devastating and disappointing seasons. Everybody needs somebody; live boldly into the call of being somebody’s somebody.

Series Information

When the landscape of life isn’t idyllic and the trenches seem insurmountable, can we look up and declare God is good? When there are no answers to our deluge of questions and the dots do not connect, how do we believe God is still there? The goodness of God and suffering are often mistaken as an unnatural pairing, but perhaps they are very much jointed together, connected by an unparalleled love and flourishing hope. Join us on weekends to (re)discover how loved you are and how truly good He is.  

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