Here At Faith

We’re happy you’re considering serving at Faith. We have a number of thriving ministries, helping to serve both those within the church and those outside of the church.

I know where I want to serve:
Please complete the Serving Application.

I'm still unsure but I want to serve:

  1. Take the Spiritual Gifts Online Assessment to help you determine how God has gifted you to serve.
  2. Pray about where to serve using your gifts by reviewing the Serving Teams.
  3. To arrange a trial serve with a team leader, please contact Linda Jordan at   and express with which ministry you would like to serve on a trial basis.

Once we receive your email, the team leader will contact you and give you the opportunity to have some hands-on experience with a ministry before you commit to actually joining a team. When you connect at the best possible place to match your giftedness, you will receive the greatest blessing from serving! 

If you have any questions about serving at Faith, please call or email Linda Jordan.