Serving Teams

These Serving Team Descriptions (listed in alphabetical order) will give you a brief overview of the variety of ways you can serve within the body at Faith Church. Review the list for areas that match your spiritual giftedness as well as the time commitment needed. Please fill out a serve sign-up for your campus and a ministry leader will contact you.

 Click the department below where you would like to serve:

Bereavement Team (Dyer) Events & Conferences (Dyer)
Faith Family Market 

Faith Kids

Faith Students (Student Ministries) The Coffee Shop
Frontline Kids Hope USA (Dyer, Cedar Lake, Highland & Munster)
Medical Team MomsNation
Prayer Team Reflectors (Special Needs) (Dyer & Cedar Lake)
Security Team Technical Arts
The Ravines
The Bookstore (Dyer)
Wedding Coordinator Well Greeters (Dyer)
Worship Department


Bereavement Team

Serve lunches to families following a funeral service at Faith Church.

  • Luncheon Attendant- Serve lunches to families following a funeral service at Faith Church.  Funerals are very difficult and emotional times for families and friends, yet having caring people reach out and serve them in the love of Jesus truly blesses them and lifts them up.
  • Caller - When help is needed to serve lunch for a funeral, place the calls to get luncheon attendants.

Time Commitment:

On average, there are about 4-6 funerals a year.
Luncheon Attendants serve about 4-5 hours for the luncheon.

Sign up to serve by completing the Serving Application.


Events & Conferences

Faith hosts a variety of events each year, including conferences for pastors and leaders, golf outings, running events and holiday celebrations. Large-scale events are primarily held at the Dyer campus and require dozens of volunteers to run smoothly. Below are a few examples of volunteer leadership positions in event-oriented roles...

  • Volunteer Coordinator: Must be detail-oriented and preferably possess the gifts of hospitality, service, and administration. The primary goal is to oversee all-volunteer teams in conjunction with the Event Producer, to keep communication clear and make serving a good experience for everyone.
  • Speaker Liaison: Primary giftedness required is hospitality. The purpose of the Liaison is to ensure that any speaker/performer at Faith Church has a distraction-free and enjoyable experience.
  • Refreshment Team Leader: Should possess the gift of hospitality and be very detail-oriented, working with the Event Producer to ensure that any food and beverage required has been ordered, delivered and offered efficiently.
  • Check-In Coordinator: The gift of administration is very helpful in this role. The purpose is to oversee the check-in process so that all guests can be identified and receive their event materials in the most efficient way possible.

Sign up to serve by completing the Serving Application. 

Faith Family Market

If you are interested in serving in the Faith Family Market, contact your campus leader below:

Cedar Lake 
Open Monday, 10 am - 12 noon - Lower level of the church. Contact: Beckie Hayes

Dyer Campus
Open 2nd & 4th Sunday, 8:30 am - 11 am - in the east hall. Contact: Sita Gleeson

Highland & Munster Campuses
Open 1st & 3rd Sundays, after the 11 AM service at Faith Munster - lower level. Contact: Bob or Lisa Berridge

Faith Kids

The following serving roles are available at each campus location (by time commitment):

Time Commitment: One service, weekly or biweekly

  • NURSERY HELPERS: Help provide first impressions of Jesus' love as you hold babies; hang out with crawlers, walkers or talkers; or teach the 2-year-olds a Bible story.
  • PRESCHOOL or ELEMENTARY SMALL GROUP LEADER (SGL): Build safe, meaningful relationships with kids in your small group as you interact and further apply each weekend's large group lesson through fun, pre-planned activities and discussion questions.
  • GREETING/REGISTRATION TEAM: Help welcome families and assist them in navigating our church and Faith Kids. Time Commitment: All services, once per month
  • PRESCHOOL or ELEMENTARY LARGE GROUP LEADER (LGL): Teach God's truths in fun and engaging ways with our age-appropriate and biblically-based lessons which are prepared in advance for you. All storytellers welcome!
  • TECHNICAL ARTS TEAM: Help make the elementary worship service happen with all things tech-related.
  • SHOUTOUT!/ WORSHIP TEAM: Do you love to sing, dance and shout praises to the Lord? Join the team that leads and engages elementary children in worship services. Time Commitment: As needed

REQUIREMENTS TO SERVE (not applicable for Prep Team):

  • Must attend Faith Church at least 6 months prior to serving in Faith Kids.
  • Minimum Age requirements: 4th grade to serve in ShoutOut! and 6th grade for all other areas.
  • A serving application & background check (for 18+ yrs) must be completed. View the Faith Kids Policies & Procedures. 
  • Making lattes or smoothies
  • Running the cash register*
  • Attend the Express Coffee serving station(s) on Sunday

Time Commitment:
Shifts available Wed (Sep-May) & Sat evenings and Sunday mornings.
* You must be a regular attendee or member for a minimum of 6 months and pass a background check.

Sign up to serve by completing the Serving Application.


If you are interested in serving in Faith Students, contact your campus leader below:

Beecher - Scott Mattingly
Cedar Lake -  Colton Ebbens
Dyer - John Benson
Highland/Munster - Abdiel Valerio

  • Greeter - greet people outside or inside as they come to worship. Servers arrive 30 min before the service and welcome people as they enter the building.
  • Golf Cart Driver - act as a courtesy to pick up special needs parking attendees to help them get safely to the building. (Dyer only)
  • Program Passer - hands a program to individuals as they enter to worship.
  • Usher – Provide a warm welcome as people enter the worship center and assist them in finding a seat.  Serve one weekend per month and arrive 30 minutes before service.
  • Welcome Center - we're looking for friendly people that can assist guests by answering questions about the ministry of Faith Church.

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Kids Hope USA

Here are some ways you can serve with Faith Church KIDS HOPE.  We serve Bibich, Kenwood, MacArthur, Southridge and Strassburg Schools.

  • Mentor - one-on-one relationship with a child.
  • Prayer Partner - prays for the mentor and child to which they are assigned.
  • Activity Helper - help plan and execute the celebration parties twice a year.

Sign up to serve by completing the Serving Application.

Medical Team

Qualified medical personnel (nurse, physician, paramedic, etc) schedule themselves to be on hand during worship services (while they worship) to serve as a triage person.

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  • Mentors - serve as the voice of experience and wisdom as they mentor Moms of Littles or Moms in the Middle participant moms
  • MomsNation Kids is so much more than childcare. This is an essential element of fruitful ministry to moms. While moms participate in groups, children are lovingly and safely nurtured and hear about the saving grace of Jesus.

Sign up to serve as a mentor or MomsNation Kids team member by completing the Serving Application.


Prayer Team
  • Contribute to worship services by praying with the pastor before the service and with those who request prayer following services.
  • Regularly receive prayer requests by email that they pray over at their own pace.
  • Meet for four training sessions each year, usually at the Dyer campus.
  • Periodically asked to participate in various conferences held at the Dyer campus on a voluntary basis.

Must be a member of Faith Church for at least 1 year prior to serving on this team. 
Sign up to serve by completing the Serving Application.

Reflectors (Special Needs)

Serve and build relationships with individuals with special needs. There are various serving roles and commitment levels at multiple campuses. A serving application & background check (for 18+ yrs) must be completed.

Sunday Worship (11:00 am) - DYER, CEDAR LAKE, HIGHLAND

Commitment: 1x or 2x / month

We have multiple classrooms that function similar to a special education classroom but also promote inclusive activities. Volunteers are trained and require a background check. Typical elements include modified Bible lessons, crafts, games, singing, and other interactive activities.

Respite & Other Special Events

Commitment: 4-6x / year

Throughout the calendar, Reflectors hosts events for families and participants with special needs. For social/outreach events (like Night to Shine or the Super Hero Party), volunteers greet, register, prepare/serve food, guest relations, assist with games, interact/buddy with guests, etc. For Respite (or Parent Night Out) events, volunteers will be paired with a participant for the evening, assisting in activities games, crafts, entertainment, as well as themed activities depending on the season.

Friendship Ministry - HIGHLAND

Commitment: 2x / month (during school year)

Friendship is a group that meets Tuesday evenings and is a time for adults with developmental disabilities to fellowship and study God’s word. Volunteers are assigned to one or more participants to simply create friendships and help facilitate the evening’s activities.

Reflectors In Action (Re:Act) Team

Commitment: Varies

The Reflectors in Action Team (Re:Act) is a group of volunteers who serve Reflectors families outside the walls of Faith Church, tangibly bringing help and hope through meals, cards, visits, and many other methods.


Security Team

Key Roles –

  • Monitor facilities (e.g. grounds, building, parking lot) for the purpose of providing visibility and a security presence and maintaining building security.
  • Prepare incident reports for the purpose of providing written documentation in the event of an incident.
  • Identify, respond to and report campus safety and security hazards.
  • React quickly, calmly and professionally in emergency situations as required.
  • Cooperates and works well with staff, visitors, and the local community.
  • Be able to walk and/or stand for lengthy periods.
  • Interact with local law enforcement agencies as required.
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned.

Time Commitment:  
Saturday 4:45pm-6:15pm
Sunday both services 8:45 am – 1:15 pm
Wednesday 6:30 - 9:30 pm
1-2 services/month
Occasional team meetings/training

Must be a member of Faith Church for at least 6 months prior to serving on this team.
A serving application/background check/interview must be completed.

Technical Arts

There is a variety of time commitments and skill levels available at all campus locations.

  • Sound Technicians – engineer house sound and recordings
  • Video Directors – “calling the shots” in the video control room
  • Video Control – responsible for operating switcher and computer graphics
  • Lighting  Technicians – create and execute stage lighting for all services and special events
  • Camera Operators – three cameras switched for IMAG and in-house TV network
  • Stage Team – works with on stage talent and sound operators providing stage support and set-up
  • Set Design – create and construct theme-based stage elements
  • Faith Kids & Student Ministries – provides dynamic AV support for these exciting ministries

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The Ravines

The Ravines Ministry exists to bring hope, healing, strengthening, and renewal to Christian couples and their marriages.

  • Host Couples - stay at the Ravines while a client couple is there to provide hospitality and confidentiality.
  • Grocery shopping - time commitment is 2 1/2 hours each time to keep supplies on hand.
  • Grocery list, supply inventory, overseer - organize a shopping list, plan meals, schedule shopping, track inventory
  • Office help - general administrative work as needed.

Sign up to serve by completing the Serving Application.

The Bookstore
  • Register Clerk - greet customers, operate the register, assist customers with products & questions as needed.
  • Register Assistant - greet customers, assist the clerk, help answer questions as needed.

Possible hours of service:

Sun 8:30 am - 12:30 pm
Tue 9 am - 2 pm, 6 pm - 8:30 pm
Wed, Thu - 9 am - 2 pm
Sat - 4:30-7 pm.

Sign up to serve by completing the Serving Application.  

Wedding Coordinator

The purpose of a Wedding Coordinator that is responsible for a wedding held at Faith Church and/or with a Faith Church Pastor is to...

  • Coordinate all participants of a wedding including the bride and groom, pastor, sound technicians, custodian, and assistant.
  • Communicate necessary details such as dates, times, special requests and financial information to appropriate Faith Church Staff.
  • Plan and execute a wedding rehearsal and ceremony to ensure a flawless and stress-free day for the bride and groom.
  • Assist in finalizing the ceremony including communicating with Staff Marriage Ministry Director.

 Wedding Coordinator Assistant
The primary responsibility of the Wedding Coordinator Assistant is to be at the rehearsal and wedding to aid the Coordinator in presenting a stress-free day for the bride and groom and to make sure that the Wedding Coordinator follows her checklist.

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Worship Department

Choir Ministry
Description: A large ensemble of vocalists who assist in leading worship.
Time commitment: 2 rehearsals prior to singing at weekend services (3 at Dyer campus, 2 at multi-site campuses) throughout the school year (September through May)

Instrumental & Vocal Ministry
Description: Vocal and instrumental teams who are involved in leading worship through a variety of music styles at services on the weekend and for mid-week worship. Participants are expected to be spiritually authentic, emotionally mature, and genuinely gifted.  
Time commitment: can vary, but commonly involves 2 times per month rehearsal and participation at all weekend services of a particular campus. Audition required.

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